1. Because glue is water soluble, the more time you spend in water, the more fragile your nails will be. It
is recommended that you wear gloves when doing dishes/cleaning etc.
2. You can use the enclosed file to file a larger tip a bit smaller, if desired, to make it fit the sides of the nails better.
3. After the nails have been adhered and the glue is set, you can use nail clippers to shorten the nails and make them the desired length. Use the enclosed file to shape the free edge into the desired shape.
4. Your nails should be treated like jewels and not tools! Treat them kindly for the longest wear time.
5. Keep an emergency kit in your purse with your nail file/extra sticky tabs/glue that way if you
“lose” a nail you can put it back on right away.
6. Proper removal is key to keeping your natural nails healthy. Picking or biting your nails off is terribly
damaging to your natural nails and is never recommended.
7. For longer adhesion, purchase the “Prep Kit” prior to application.
8. Purchase an inexpensive electric file to file away the glue from the backside of the tips to reapply.
9. When applying the nails, to achieve the longest wear time, pressure is key when gluing them on. You will want to use a LOT of pressure to really ensure full contact with the tip and the natural nail. - Making sure there are no air pockets underneath the tip that can loosen and cause the tip to pop off. Also, hold that pressure for a few seconds longer than you think you need to, to really make sure the glue is dry before you let go - this will also make sure that the tip does not loosen at all as the glue is drying.
10. Some people have good luck using BOTH the sticky tabs and glue simultaneously, giving them extra wear time. This application technique also requires a LOT of pressure in the application process to make sure there are no gaps around the edges caused by the sticky tabs.