Sister & Soul - POPPIES Collection - Beautiful Strong Unique - Rose Gold Surround Earring Studs - Vintage Red (12511)


Poppies Collection  Beautiful Strong Unique  Poppies are a symbol of remembrance. Choose a special piece from this gorgeous collection, to remember and honour bravery, courage and to champion a world of peace, love and freedom. * Rose Gold plated alloy surrounds * Circle size approx 12mm * Glass dome over design * Push backs * Nickel Free Shop Matching 'Vintage Red' Pieces Here! PROCEEDS FROM THIS COLLECTION ARE DONATED TO LEGACY AUSTRALIA.  * When this item is purchased with our budget postage option, to be able to keep postage low on this product (based on width) these earrings are packed loose in the packaging bag with gift card so that we can offer our low rate, it is easy to pop them into the pre-punched holes on the gift card when you receive them.