Sister & Soul - Sparklefest - She Leaves A Little Sparkle - Stainless Steel Vintage Silver Earrings - Midnight Aqua Leaf (8509-F)


Spaklefest earrings she leaves a little sparkle  these gorgeous glitter beauties will help you get your joy on and add a little sparkle to your day, they also make the perfect gift to brighten a friends day or start your own sparkle collection. Enjoy!! Blue and aqua leaf in resin  wide edge 12mm setting vintage silver stainless steel great for sensitive ears push backs nickel free care instructions - sister & soul earrings our earrings test well on sensitive ears but they are created from plated metals. We recomm end that you treat each piece with care and follow these instructions: keep your earrings dry & free from creams, cosmetics and body products chlorine & saltwater can discolour and tarnish earrings.