Shopping Small Has Never Been Easier

Explore an extensive collection of distinct products at The Pink Door Virtual Boutique. From handmade jewelry and candles to home decor and beyond, you'll find an array of one-of-a-kind items all in one convenient location. Support local businesses and shop small from the comfort of your own home.

How it all began

Over 10 years ago, in a quaint nail salon, in a small historic town, a visionary nail tech named Dedee decided to create a collaborative boutique that would feature over 20 small businesses and makers. The goal was to provide other entrepreneurs with a platform to showcase and sell their products.
As time progressed and the economic landscape shifted, more people opted to shop online instead of visiting physical stores and boutiques. To support local makers and small business owners, Dedee founded The Pink Door
Virtual Boutique – an online retail space dedicated to celebrating and promoting independent artisans and entrepreneurs.

Shopping Tailored Just For You

The Pink Door Virtual Boutique: Shop Small Businesses in the Comfort of Your Home

Experience a new way of shopping where artisans and entrepreneurs are connected with shoppers, all while staying cozy at home. Whether you're in your pajamas sipping coffee or lounging in comfy clothes with a glass of wine, you can browse your favorite small businesses and discover unique treasures you didn't even know existed. With just a click, everything you desire is within reach.

It's The Ultimate Solution

Are you someone who enjoys supporting small businesses but struggles to find the time to do so? We have fantastic news for you. The Pink Door Virtual Boutique is the ultimate solution, uniting entrepreneurs, makers, and shoppers in one convenient location. With a few simple clicks, you can support small businesses from the comfort of your own home.